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The top 5 frequently asked questions

By default, Loca will send you the location of your valuable possessions once a day. Would you like to receive a notification more often? You can easily change the update frequency in the app or on the web portal.

With a full battery, Loca will be operational for 3 years. Changing the update frequency will affect the battery life.

Tip: You can use the app to see in real time the life span of your Loca based on your chosen update frequency.

As standard, Loca sends out 1 position update per day. In case of emergencies, you can easily adjust the update frequency to once per hour. Are you looking for a GPS tracker with a live tracking function?

You can download the Loca app from the Apple or Android app store. Search for Loca in the app store, and look for the app with this icon:

Or download the app directly onto your smartphone:

Don’t panic!

You can easily recover your password by choosing “Forgotten password” on the app’s login screen.

Enter your email address and you will receive an email within a few minutes enabling you to reset your password.

Loca is not designed to track your journeys. We have developed other great software for that. Check out our solutions for Journey Tracking here.

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