The latest generation of GPS trackers, subscription-free

Finding the location of company assets or your valuable possessions has become a lot more efficient with all the location data available. In sectors such as logistics, transport, construction and automotive, a lot of time and money can be saved with GPS tracking. Until now, large-scale use has often not been financially viable due to high subscription fees. Loca has changed all that.

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The Loca

This is Loca: the first premium GPS tracker that works without a subscription. With a low purchase price of €79 excluding VAT and no recurring costs, smart GPS technology is now available to everyone.

A wide range of applications

Loca is easy to install on all valuable company assets, including your motorbike, classic car or e-bike, for example. Installation takes less than 2 minutes. Once installed, you will have an overview of the location of your valuable possessions.

An overview of all locations, at any time

Our app and our extensive web portal will provide you with an overview of your valuable company assets or your valuable private possessions in all locations, at any time

Extensive coverage

Across the EU + 70 countries

Check coverage per country

Product specs we’re proud of

Customise update frequency

One location per day as standard. Want to receive a location update more often? Simply adjust the update frequency.

Easy to fit

Screw, glue or install your Loca in any desired location.


Partnered with Deutsche Telekom

All data communication is via Deutsche Telekom.

Accurate location detection

Accurate to a few metres (<3 metres).

Hard to detect

After 1 position update per day, Loca enters sleep mode for 23 hours and 57 minutes, making the GPS tracker undetectable.

No plug, just play!

Loca can be installed in just 2 minutes.

2-Year warranty

Loca has a 2-year warranty, the battery has a 3-month warranty.

New: API now available

Connect Loca to your own environment.

Powered by Nedsoft

Loca is a high-quality GPS tracker by Nedsoft. We are the leading GPS specialists, with over 18 years of experience.

GPS specialists since 2003

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Our smallest GPS tracker so far

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